bullchef (bullchef) wrote in coasterq,

Cyclone.. Gone!!

Despite protests & attempts to save the Cyclone, on November 20th 2006, D&M Demolition crew moved in to raze this classic wooden coaster...

The Cyclone at Pleasureland Southport opened on Good friday 1937. A figure-8 wooden coaster which is 2500 ft long. Although the coaster was designed by Charlie Page, the original station was designed by Joseph Emberton Riba. The station was rebuilt in 1985 following a fire.
On Mon 18th September 2006 just after 4pm, 2 protestors climbed the structure of the coaster and hung a banner reading 'SAVE OUR CYCLONE'. Police arrived and moved the protestors & their banner, and a few minutes later the press arrived and filmed for local TV news. Unfortunately, several days later 'English Heritage' refused the protestor's request for a protection order on the ride. Please visit www.schwps.co.uk, sign the petition & check out the latest on the campaign to save this unique and historic ride.
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